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The leading provider of home health care.

What Is Home Health

Home health care is a critical part of healthcare today, touching the lives of millions.  It represents a

wide range of professional healthcare and support services provided in the home. As hospital stays

have decreased, the number of people who require skilled services in the home has

increased significantly.

A Better, LowCost Alternative

Although service with ITCOY Home Health Care, LLC is covered through most health insurance

plans, rising healthcare costs are a concern for all Americans. Home health care, if correctly utilized

can reduce healthcare spending by reducing the cost burden for health plans and ultimately tax

payers.  In addition to lower costs, patients who are cared for at home recover faster from illness or

injury than those who receive care in an alternative environment.

Expect More with ITCOY HOME HEALTH

At ITCOY Home Health Care, LLC, it is our goal to make your experience at home as comfortable

as possible. ITCOY Home Health Care’s team of licensed clinicians will work with you and your physician

to develop a plan of care that will meet your specific needs.  ITCOY Home Health Care, LLC

offers specialized services that we feel will give you the peace of mind that you deserve including:

Immediate answers to all of your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through our Administrator-On-Call Service

A strong commitment to comprehensive and cost effective interdisciplinary care for every patient that we serve

Our Fast Response Admission Process that will have a skilled clinician in your home within 24 hours of referral or the same day when medically necessary